Dileesa's Vocal Bootcamp Online Seminar

- August 25th


Would you like to expand your range, sing stronger, have better control, better breathing techniques, better tone quality, or sing without fear? I know you're tired of having the same problems with your voice, year after year. and going from vocal coach to vocal coach with no real results.


Give me 3 hours and I'll teach you the Secrets to great singing, that will transform your voice into all it should be. These are things that take every singer from 'good' to 'great' and will give you that 'wow' factor when people hear you sing.. Our Special Guest for this session is  Callie Day, she is a Doctoral of Voice Performance candidate at University of Kentucky. You may have seen viral videos of her singing in her unique vocal stylings that is a clever mix of classical and gospel training. She has a gift of connecting her voice and runs to sound 'out of this world' smooth, supported and connected.  This session will focus on Mastering Vibrato, Ad libs, Runs and singing through passagios (breaks). She has so much insight and vocal wisdom, be prepared with your questions and to sing! This is a slightly more advanced class so singers get ready to be challenged!


You will not want to miss this valuable webinar!


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