Dileesa's Vocal Bootcamp - Online 6-week Vocal Class


Would you like to expand your range, sing stronger, have better control, better breathing techniques, better tone quality, or sing without fear? I know you're tired of having the same problems with your voice, year after year. and going from vocal coach to vocal coach with no real results.


 As a vocal teacher I'm aware of the investment that has to be made in order to perfect your voice. I've designed this 6- week series as a cost- effective way to offer voice lessons to those who want real- time feed back without the hefty investment of 1-1 lessons. Those that know me know that I'm all about vocal mechanics and technique. I have keen vocal empathy and can tell you, even through a smart phone screen, what you are doing right, wrong, and how to fix it. I will choose songs from a variety of genres for us to study. Let me help you get your singing to the next level.


 I'm proud to say I've helped hundreds, if not thousands, of singers during the last 10 years, discover, train, retrain, restore and enhance their voices. My techniques are time honored and backed by scientific research and highly trained vocal pedagogues. I pull from many sources, including bel canto and sometimes SLS where appropriate, plus my own intuition, to find what works to bring the best out of each singer,


 Beginners singers as well as intermediate and advanced are welcome in this class. Beginners MUST be able to match pitch. My classes emphasize vocal technique mastery, not pitch matching. If you're not sure if you're ready for this online group class, shoot me an email with a link of you singing before you sign up. I encourage vocal teachers and aspiring vocal teachers to enroll as well. It is always good to learn from other teachers to sharpen your own skills and bring more quality instruction to your students.


 When you pay for your ticket please wait to receive an email directly from me with download instructions, a link, and passcode to sign in to the webinar on Zoom. It will not be an automatic email. I will send it manually All classes will also be recorded and sent to you for review.


 See you soon!!




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